Our Story

A company working to add drops of nature, into master creations.

Our specialisations are in the fields of: Steam distillation, CO2 extraction, expression, enfleurage, maceration, and solvent extraction.

About Us

Born out of complete passion for Botany, and headquartered in India, KOSS is reckoned as reputed suppliers of natural Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. Known for our quality Floral Absolutes, Spice/Herb Oils, and Carrier Oils we cater to leading brands in the Cosmetic as well as the Personal Care industry across the globe.

Nature has blessed us with a treasure trove of sweet smelling liquid essences in the form of essential oils. Our journey started when our founder Mr. Roshan Joshi discovered about the great healing powers of Essential Oils in one of his travel expeditions. Today he has continued his study and research on how Essential Oils operate effectively not only at the biochemical, cellular, physical level but also in the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic areas of our life. He formed this organization with a primary vision of making personal care products better with the use of natural Essential Oils and Plant Extracts as ingredients.

Our speciality lies in our vast knowledge of various plant families, their anatomies, and the symbiotic relationships between them. Along with this, our proficiency in the subjects of Steam Distillation, Co2 Extraction, Expression, Enfleurage, maceration and Solvent Extraction makes us the best in what we do. With the finest of botanists under our hood and with wide industry experience, we make sure that a product gets the purity and quality it deserves. We use modern machinery and proven extraction techniques to maintain the quality and purity of our products. All our products are subjected to high standards of quality and safety.

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